Gio Vrsce and Lenni Hendri of Torque Rentals Went from Homeless to Running the #1 Muscle and Exotic Rental Enterprise in Atlanta


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Atlanta, GA – Two college roommates turned business partners were living out of their cars just a few years ago, but now, they are viewing life from a completely different vantage point – from their luxury penthouse overlooking the bustling city of Atlanta.

Gio Vrsce and Lenni Hendri (real names Gary Green and Pierre Harvey) – have overcome their past challenges to establish Torque Rentals, a  premier enterprise featuring American Muscle and Exotic rentals for entertainers, athletes, and business professionals. The company is raking in the business, with sights on becoming one of the top independent transportation logistics companies in the U.S.

Gary Green and Pierre Harvey

The story of these millennial entrepreneurs is a unique one. While attending college, the two mutually decided to withdraw from school only one semester away from graduation, deciding to follow the vision they created together. They formed a “pact” and vowed to work together in order to achieve the freedom and wealth they believed their traditional career routes would not provide. It appears the risk paid off.

“It’s like a movie script,” said Gio Vrsce. “I’m from Auburn and Lenni is from Dothan, Alabama. We didn’t even meet until our freshman year in college at Tuskegee University. But when we did, we just connected right away. Then, we started learning more about each other and eventually we realized we were cousins. It was crazy, but also like an “Aha!” moment. All of this was destined to happen.”

The true turning point, however, was a chance encounter with a prestige wealth manager who would later become their mentor. Through mentorship, this multi-millionaire cultivated the young entrepreneurs through the ins and outs of business, financial advice, the art of networking, and branding. Such lessons proved valuable and were catalysts for launching their own successful business venture.

The name “Torque Rentals” was inspired by their love of classic American muscle. Torque Rentals currently handles an array of vehicles ranging from Challengers, Mustangs, Chargers, Camaros, and UTVs. The company is also an intermediary for high-end exotic vehicles such as Lamborghini, Corvette C8, Rolls Royce, and Bentley –– practically anything the client desires.

“Most of our clients are athletes, rappers and actors and we get a lot of visitors flying into Atlanta through Hartsfield International Airport. Every guest gets first class service,” Lenni Hendri said. “Once we drop off a vehicle, our guests don’t have to touch their bags. We provide drinks, snacks, clean juices and other gifts – just like a traveler would get on a plane trip.”

Focused on offering a first class rental experience for all, Torque Rentals doesn’t just plan on sticking with cars or confining themselves to the United States either. The future reveals plans of expansion into Private Jet Charters and broadening the presence of American Muscle overseas.

Torque markets itself as a leading rental company and a brand created by young people, targeting millennials and Gen Z consumers. Its business includes rental services, digital content, and merchandise. The company is categorized as “elite status”, the highest-rated and most experienced hosts on Turo.

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