How the Celebrity Credit Guru James Hunt Created an Empire By Blending Finance, Fashion and a Bold Attitude


Black & Magazine Newswire

Atlanta, GA – James Hunt is recognized nationwide as “The Celebrity Credit Guru to the Stars,” helping America’s biggest entertainers, athletes, and thousands of everyday people to obtain good credit and financial freedom. Among his clients are people like Kanye West, Akon, Tank, Taraji P. Henson, Ryan Seacrest, Larenz Tate, Tiny Harris, Shaq, and others. In fact over 300 celebrity clients whom he has helped to purchase their exotic cars and their mansions. Through his company, “The Hunt,” he also teaches young men from disadvantaged backgrounds how to hunt for success and to become six and seven-figure earners with style and 700+ credit scores to match.

“Becoming a millionaire, or becoming successful at all requires a certain mindset and unwavering focus. There are various techniques to hunting down success,” he said. “I teach things like strategy, knowing how to approach clients, knowing when to pull the trigger, knowing when to lay and wait for your “prey”….You also have to stifle your audience with style or a lifestyle that they desire to live for themselves.”

It is undeniable that Hunt has his own unique style. Although he is in his 50’s, one look at his social media accounts will let you know that he is hip to the power of technology and has no desire to be modest. Foreign cars, Louis Vuitton and Versace adorn his accounts just like his lively and over-the-top videos encouraging people to learn and leverage the power of credit to live a lifestyle that they have always dreamed about.  If he doesn’t like what the designers have on the racks, he simply orders the fabrics and designs his own clothes with his own style, and his own personality. His homes and offices are bold, full of character, and luxuriously decorated.

“The one thing I have learned in life is that you should never settle,” he said. “If you aren’t satisfied with your position in life, change it. If you don’t like what is being offered to you, create it. If you don’t have that mindset, you can never truly be successful. Your vast imagination must permeate throughout all you do.”

These lessons are important not only to entrepreneurs but to everyday people who want more out of life. While some may be offended by his bravado, others use it as motivation. Hunt, originally from Chicago, was formerly homeless. He remembers walking down Lenox Avenue in Buckhead watching the Range Rovers and Bentleys pass him by, telling himself that he would one day own them. Hunt maintains that if he can be successful, so can others – but they have to be bold, ambitious and unapologetic.

“Style helps too,” he said. “One thing about me, I’m not concerned about what others think about me. They know that whenever I appear at an event, my wardrobe will be over the top. I have my own unique style. It is my style, but you would be surprised how valuable of a marketing tool it is. I successfully merge style with business to showcase the ultimate lifestyle and experience to my audience. I try to show every entrepreneur who comes to me for advice, how modesty is a business killer. You have to be relentless…My mentality is, I will be rich and fly until I die.”

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