24th Toys for Joy Continues Amidst Pandemic


Serving 3,700 San Diego Families With
Toys and Food in Drive-Thru Style Distribution

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SAN DIEGO, CALIF. — On Saturday, December 12, 3,700 families will receive much-needed food and toys at the 24th annual Toys for Joy. The drive-thru style distribution will take place at four locations throughout San Diego.

Over the past 23 years, Toys for Joy has served over 166,900 children and their families. During the holiday season, it can be difficult for families to provide toys and food without sufficient funds and resources. This is true now more than ever with the impact of COVID-19. The Rock Church along with its partners will host a drive-thru style version of Toys for Joy. Children will each receive a brand new toy and families will receive groceries. Toys for Joy has tripled the amount of groceries being distributed due to the impacts of COVID. 

While it will look different than in the past, Toys for Joy hopes that children and families will still be able to experience the joy and hope of the Christmas season. Toys for Joy will be adhering to the County’s safety guidelines. As a result, all attendees are pre-registered and have a reserved time at which they will come and experience the Toys for Joy drive-thru contactless distribution.

Miles McPherson explains what Toys for Joy means to many, “I have moms come up to me every year with bags of food in their hand saying, ‘I didn’t know how I was going to feed my kids.’ A lot of us wouldn’t wait in line to get food and a toy. If a family has to do that, we should be there to help them. More than ever, people need to step up and help those who are in need this year,” said McPherson. “Christmas is a time when God showed His love for us, and we’re ready to show God’s love in the communities where we live and serve. That’s the purpose of the church.”

Toys for Joy has been working with over 60 schools and agency partners all over the county to distribute toys and groceries to families that they serve. They are the ones recommending the families. Due to the complexities of COVID, this opportunity has been extended to invite-only and walk-ups will not be able to be accommodated. All attendees must have pre-registered through one of the partner agencies in order to participate. 

In tough economic times, everyone needs hope. Of San Diego County’s 3.2 million residents, 486,000 people face food insecurity every day.* Of this number, 163,000 are children. Nearly 19 percent of San Diego County’s children are living in poverty, according to KidsData.org.  An analysis of two Census Bureau surveys — one conducted between 2006 and 2010, and the other between 2011 and 2015 — shows that the countywide poverty rate grew from 12.3 to 14.5 percent. That’s an increase of 94,000 people living on incomes below the poverty line, enough to fill two Petco Park Stadiums.* 

Miles McPherson shares, “As human beings we are made to give. We are made in the image of God, who gave His Son. Which is why celebrate giving at Christmas time. We have so many amazing volunteers and organizations that have come alongside Toys for Joy this year to give back to the community including Express Feedback for Good, Gomez Trial Attorneys, Hands of Hope, RF Exposure, Thank You Heroes Home Rebate, and Vessel Bags. We can’t do this by ourselves. We are honored to give back in this way to San Diego.” 

During the holiday season, it can be even more difficult for families to provide toys and clothing for their families without sufficient funds and resources. Toys for Joy brings hope by providing a toy, clothing, lunch and groceries to those in need. These toys are a way to change the lives of families in San Diego, and fulfill the main mission of the church to bring people together and transform the lives of San Diego by sharing the meaning of Christmas. 

Here are some ways that our community can help make this event a success

    • Donate toys-18,000 new, unwrapped toys are needed to make this event possible. With safety in mind due to COVID, we will buy the toys for you. With an average wholesale cost of $7.50, you can buy toys for 10 children for only $75.00! The more toys, the more joy!  http://toys-for-joy.org/donate
    • Partner with the event-Many items are needed to support this event. Partnership information can be found here: https://www.toys-for-joy.org/sponsor 
  • Volunteer-Our volunteer experience will look very different this year due to COVID, but we know it will bless participants beyond measure. Volunteer opportunities will vary from checking in guests to hospitality to loading cars with groceries, toys and more! https://www.toys-for-joy.org/volunteer-2020 

Toys for Joy would not be possible without the generosity of monetary gifts and/or donations. 



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