Former President of BET Networks to Launch New Social Media Network

RepItSocial allows users to discover new faces and places.

Black & Magazine Newswire

With Covid cases on the rise and a deepening divide in our country, there is one company that is launching an app with the goal of unifying the people – specifically those of the BIPOC community.  RepItSocial, a tech company out of Howard County, is launching an app, with the same name, that is a dynamic, new social media network, poised to become the central hub for all things BIPOC. Developed by co-founders D’Oyen and Azalaya Fraser, and Jefferi K. Lee, former President of BET Networks, RepItSocial is set to launch at the top of the year and will be “the new face of social media that represents the voice, energy and true diversity of this new generation. It is the premium platform for entertainment, empowerment and unification of all things BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)


“BIPOC isn’t just a group of people, it’s a movement, an awakening across the globe that we are more powerful together. And now with Kamala Harris, the first woman of color as VP Elect, the timing is ripe for a new kind of social network – one that acknowledges the shared experiences, lifestyle and culture of BIPOC,” commented Mr. Lee.

America’s always been referred to as a melting pot, but for other cultures swallowed in the mix, the truth is, they haven’t really celebrated their diversity as they should.  RepItSocial will be the place that REPresents the true identity of America today.

Said D’Oyen Fraser, “This social media network embodies the fresh mindset, voice, and energy of this new generation. It will be a tool for us to connect, to celebrate our accomplishments and share our incredible talents.  We don’t say it.  We REP IT!”

And users are clamoring for the next new thing. Until now, there hasn’t been any other option, let alone one created by people of color with a creative commitment to BIPOC.   Since statistics have shown that it’s this diverse group that account for the $1.3 trillion dollars spent on products and goods annually, and who comprise the most active content consumers on the planet, RepItSocial will be it.

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