Councilmember Monica Montgomery’s Historic Motion on the FY ’21 Appropriations Ordinance


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SAN DIEGO, CA: By a vote of 7–2 today, City Council approved the Appropriations Ordinance, which defines the legal level at which the Mayor and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can control operational and capital expenditures. Pursuant to the City Charter, the ordinance shall be adopted by June 30.

As a crucial component of Councilmember Montgomery’s Road Map to Accountability and Transparency (to be unveiled before the July 15 Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee Meeting), the Councilmember made a bold move to modify the FY ‘21 Appropriations Ordinance granting Council Authorization on the San Diego Police Department’s (SDPD) budget for Neighborhood Policing and Overtime.

“From day one, I promised my community that I would tackle police reform through accountability and transparency measures while amplifying the community’s voice at City Hall. I have kept my promise, as we continue to work diligently to deliver a responsible plan for reprogramming some of SDPD’s budget,” said Montgomery.

Ultimately through Councilmember Montgomery’s historic motion, Council will have the authority to scrutinize and approve these important parts of SDPD’s budget to ensure spending is directed to core services and public safety.  In keeping with her June 8th promise, following the controversial budget vote that had a record-setting 400 callers and over 4,000 comments, nearly $29 million was held back for mid-year reprogramming opportunities as the Councilmember continues to identify ways to address structural racism that is prevalent in our city’s systems.

Additionally, Council Authorization has been granted on Recreation Center funds, which will ensure oversight and equity on how funds will be spent on centers located in low-to-moderate income areas.  These centers will now have a fighting chance when it comes to funding for programs and improvements. 

Lastly, safeguards have been put in place for the new Office of Race and Equity (ORE) as budgeted funds will not be controlled by the CFO and will not be made available for reprogramming for other general fund needs. The established ORE budget will go towards its development and mission to address issues regarding systemic racism in the city, as well as instilling race equity in city operations and policy creation.


  1. Yes to this! Finally someone, and a woman of color at that keeping their promise to the city. Get those funds to the low income poverty stricken citizens fighting against racism, poverty and mental illness that we see so much in San Diego.

  2. Thank you for printing something about Monica Montgomery and her staff. For way to long leaders in the San Diego City Council have spent to much time talking the talk, but in short not having the ability to create the changes required to push forward a lasting dream. Defunding something like a Cities Police Department sounds like a great idea, until you find out the Police still control the funding they have left. Cutting a budget, ends up cutting the things that are most needed in communities of color. Determining what items in a budget line reflects the desire of the people and has a much better effect on the actions of a Police Department. Thank you for noting one of the many 1st Monica has accomplished during here short service to District 4, with each move having a lasting effect on the City as a whole.

  3. It is always so refreshing to see what equates to unicorn politicians sticking to their promises and not only delivering but enhancing those deliverables consistently.

    Too many politicians will say anything to get in office and then deliver anything but what they promised. Councilmember Montgomery is living proof that being honest, maintaining integrity, and working with a dedicated hard working team (we see you all of you!) Is entirely achievable.

    San Diego has a long way to go to become a true ‘Finest City’, especially in the area of coming clean and repairing it’s racist past. Councilmember Montgomery is ensuring her constituents and all of our San Diego region that those improvements will happen sooner.

    We’re truly blessed to have her serve our area.


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