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Photography has always been a great way to capture and share moments in time that can be celebrated for years on end.  Because of COVID-19, photographers like Steve Peterson have had to come up with creative ways to help people celebrate life’s momentous occasions when there are no events to be had and ensure business sustainability.  “I belong to several photography clubs via social media and we were sharing ideas. Some photography businesses saw that graduation ceremonies were canceled, so they came up with the idea of creating yard signs and banners,” he shared.  To date Peterson has produced over 200-yard signs, generating amazing feedback.  

Steve Peterson Photography is a high-end corporate event and youth sports photographer, who specializes in customized yard signs and banners for every occasion.  A veteran photographer, Peterson has been taking photos for the last two decades and shooting college graduations and portraits for the last 5 years. Since students can’t walk across the stage, through the genius idea of creating yard signs, Peterson is determined to deliver smiles helping students celebrate their scholastic accomplishments. “I hope that it’ll bring some joy and recognition to the class of 2020 graduates.” 

Though the pandemic has forced social distancing, cancelling thousands of events, after it subsides, Peterson plans to keep this yard sign specialty in his offerings, giving him the ability to be set apart from others in the industry.

“Look at my work, it speaks for itself,” he shares. “I sit down and consult with my client to get their vision on what they’re looking for.” Visit and work with Steve for your next shoot.

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