Business is not as usual; it is better and exceptional!

a local african business owner putting up a open sign in front of his store

By Dr. Enchanta

Dr. Enchanta

Before the pandemic that is currently still rocking the world economy and people everywhere, customers had several businesses to choose from, and some had deals. Now with countries and states re-opening for business, there are even more businesses to visit both virtually and in person. With more competition comes greater diversity of products and sales. Furthermore, the customer service is beyond your wildest dreams.

Now there exists greater quality customer service that is truly trying to help resolve your issue or complaint quickly. Also, often products and services are at reduced prices or with payment plans you can afford. As a previous customer to any location you were familiar with the items and services being offered, and aware of the return policy, etc. Now with businesses and customers in pandemic mode, more businesses are offering new services or products or the same services and products in a different delivery mode. For example, telehealth or telemedicine visits being offered by more provider offices and insurance companies at little or no cost if associated with the covid19 pandemic. Lab testing blood and other specimens collected at the patient’s homes for more testing options. More deliveries of items you use to go to the grocery or local mall store.

Even more, virtual medical visits, virtual conferences, virtual summer camps, online schooling, online magazines, and newspapers for no extra charge. There are even more virtual counseling opportunities being offered by many more providers and businesses. With these opportunities, has also come more ideas. Those ideas are being turned into more businesses and business owners of various backgrounds. Yes, diversity, amid chaos, has arrived most unexpectedly at the most unexpected time. What’s greater than an idea growing into a business? Well funding, of course. So much funding. One has only to do a short internet search, and there are numerous resources offering grant and loan funding for businesses. Many are geared toward businesses that are heavily affected by this pandemic.

At the end of the day, it is wonderful news for the business community at a time when there is such much uncertainty in the stock market as well as world economies. This news has translated into more business owners developing, as well as businesses developing new or more products and services. This diversity of ownership has taken away the monopoly some companies had over some markets, increased a healthy competition, and ultimately caused a much happier customer. Several governments, both national and international, have offered up funding to citizens and businesses too. Now, of course, this column is all about great things, but it is not a hidden fact that not everyone has found this silver lining. If you are reading this, I hope you will take some time to reflect on how you can find a ray of hope and good opportunities to help yourself and others.

Dr. Enchanta Jenkins has been writing since before 4th grade, wrote and directed her own play for her fifth-grade school class, has published multiple poems and six books, and even as a board-certified ob-gyn physician specializing in women’s health, Dr. Enchanta still finds time to write. She has over 30 years of medical and healthcare experience and enjoys helping clients through medical visits or music or books. She can be reached @dr.enchanta on Instagram or DrEnchantaj Gyn on Facebook. 


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