The High Note is Pitch Perfect

Dakota Johnson stars as Maggie Sherwoode and Tracee Ellis Ross as Grace Davis in THE HIGH NOTE, a Focus Features release. Credit: Glen Wilson / Focus Features

Black & Magazine Staff

The High Note brings a freshness… a cinematic newness that only trio Tracee Ellis Ross, Dakota Johnson, and Ice Cube could collectively bring to the screen.  Most have been privy to Ross’ comedic talents through her work in Black-ish, in addition to a cult classic Girlfriends, (to name a few) while Johnson may be most remembered for her risqué work in 50 Shades. Ice Cube – well who hasn’t seen or heard this iconic rap legend’s work? From Boyz in the Hood to Friday, his work has certainly had a successful run. 

Clean and sweet, The High Note brings to life the story of Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross), an aging, yet kindly egotistical 11x Grammy award-winning songstress, who is nothing short of diva-ish ways.  While her hit classics never cease the love of her cherished fans, musically Davis knows she still has more new creative expression to offer beyond her vaulted tunes, but her manager (Ice Cube) is keen on playing it safe and collecting a steady dollar.  Maggie (Dakota Johnson), Grace’s personal assistant has an ear for music and a heart for the industry, harboring childhood aspirations of becoming a music producer.  

Kelvin Harrison Jr. stars as David Cliff and Dakota Johnson as Maggie Sherwoode in THE HIGH NOTE, a Focus Features release. Credit: Glen Wilson / Focus Features

For moviegoers who are into wholesome entertainment, The High Note fits the bill. With a myriad of inspirational messages mixed together, like a fine pot of gumbo with all the right seasonings, this movie is flavorful, entertaining, quirky upbeat, and authentic.

Tracee Ellis Ross does an impeccable job filling the shoes of a seasoned songstress on film, flashing hints of her famed mother Diana, while belting out original tunes of her own. 

Ice Cube is just as hardcore as ever, emanating grit, ruggedness, and essence of South-Central Los Angeles native. His beloved furrowed brow coupled with gangster etymology reminds us of why we love him so much on film.

If you’re looking for nice escapism, The High Note delivers just that on a silver platter.

Movie available in a Premium Video on Demand format May 29th


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