Stephanie J Shares How a Little Self Care Can Go a Long Way


Black & Magazine Staff Writer

Since the quarantine, many individuals have had their self-care routines abruptly stopped.  Postponed are the days of getting facials at the day spa along with massages and mud baths.  Because these known stress relievers are temporarily unavailable, the strain of it all is taking its toll on many people.     

Esthetician and all-around beauty expert, Stephanie J, understands all too well the negative impacts the stay-home orders are having on the skin, especially that of her clients.  Including changes to the skin.  “There have been breakouts, breakouts, breakouts! I think it’s partly due to laying around the house, slacking off of a normal daily routine, diet (we’re all running to the fridge every 30 mins), and stress over the situation in general. Dryness is another one that my clients complain a lot about,” she said. “Oh boy! The quarantine has done a number on not only my clients’ skin but mine as well.”

Though we are stuck in the house fighting against those pesky breakouts, Stephanie says it’s good to remember that a little self-care goes a long way. “Staying on top of your skincare routine will not only help your selfies look better, but it will also help you to FEEL better.”

Here are a few simple tips that Stephanie offers to keep your skin healthy and radiant just before summer:

Cleanse– Use a gentle or medicated cleanser 2 X per day in the morning and just before bed. This will keep oils at bay, hydrate dry skin, and remove makeup.

Exfoliate- As we age, the rate in which our skin cells renew begins to slow down and our skin begins to look dull. You’ll want to help speed up that process with a super fine scrub or Alpha Hydroxy Acid such as Glycolic to gently remove dead skin 1-2 times per week. Be sure to avoid products with apricot shells, walnut shells, or walnut powder. These scrubs are too abrasive on the skin and can cause irreversible damage such as hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and droopy skin.

Masks– Following up exfoliation with a hydrating, soothing, or calming mask is a great way to restore moisture to the skin after stripping the dead skin away.

Moisturize- Skin needs to remain plump, firm, and radiant so be sure to use moisturizer twice daily.

SPF – I can never stress enough how important sunscreen is! Not only does it protect against skin cancer, it also protects the skin from aging, hyperpigmentation, and sunspots. A common myth in the African American community is that melanin blocks the sun’s harmful rays, this is untrue.

If you want to learn more about maintaining healthy skin or learn about Stephanie’s other services, follow her social media handles:

FACEBOOK:  INSTAGRAM: @stephjstyles_skin


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