Mayor Faulconer Wins Unanimous City Council Support to Fund Childcare for Essential Workers



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San Diego – Continuing to take steps to deliver relief to San Diegans affected by COVID-19, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer today won unanimous City Council approval to invest $5 million in federal CARES Act funding into childcare for essential workers.

“We’re relying on essential workers every day to help us get through to the other side of his pandemic,” Mayor Faulconer said. “While they take care of us, we need to take care of them. By helping with childcare, we’re providing peace of mind to the frontline heroes who are juggling job and family responsibilities during these trying times.”

Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the City received $248 million to address COVID-19 related expenses. Mayor Faulconer proposed using $5 million of those funds on the childcare initiative.

Essential workers are eligible to receive childcare assistance regardless of their income, including health care workers, first responders, emergency medical services personnel, grocery store staff and environmental services professionals. Childcare providers are also eligible for relief. Funding value and eligibility is set according to a tiered system set by the California Department Education which first prioritizes at-risk populations, then essential workers that do not exceed income eligibility thresholds and can’t work remotely, families with children with disabilities or special health care needs who are enrolled in early learning and care services, and workers who exceed income eligibility thresholds and can’t work remotely.

Mayor Faulconer is proposing to partner with the YMCA and Child Development Associates to administer the funds through the California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP). These entities have been distributing vouchers from funding that was made available from other programs. They will use the same administrative, parent eligibility criteria and program guidelines detailed in the California Department of Education Early Childhood Learning and Education Division Management Bulletin.

The vouchers will be available until the funds are fully exhausted. The funds will pay for more than 5,000 children with daycare needs over the next couple months.

The City’s $5 million commitment matches the $5 million that the County Board of Supervisors previously set aside for childcare for a total of $10 million available for the region’s essential workers.

A statewide “Stay-at-Home” order is in effect. For more information on the order, including what’s closed, what’s open and which industries are exempted by the state, please visit (link is external).

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