THE PLAN: A Conversation with Filmmaker Geronica Lee Moffett


Black & Magazine Staff

On Saturday, February 1st, Geronica Lee Moffett headlined as a producer, screenwriter, and director at the 18th Annual San Diego Black Film Festival. Her much anticipated short film “The Plan” sought to bring awareness to audiences on the trauma of pregnancy and choice when a woman is embattled in a less than desirous situation. Previewed by a full house at the Sugar Factory’s Theatre Box, Moffett’s short film was captivating and informative. A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, Moffett is a Navy veteran and a graduate of San Diego State University where she obtained a degree in Computer Science. Sometime after graduation, her creativity went from that of crafting programs to constructing scripts. This desire to create and entertain led her into a career working behind the scenes on acclaimed television shows such as Fox’s Pitch, This Is Us, and Castle. At the festival, Black & Magazine was able to catch up with Geronica and learn more about her passion to entertain and the film.

B & M: How did you get your start in the industry?

Quite an interesting story to say the least. My start in the industry came by way of the military. I was a mixture of a girly girl and a tomboy growing up. I loved being in the JROTC in high school so much that I joined the military right after graduation. While in the military I developed a love for modeling so from there I modeled, then started writing music, became a singer, then actor but developed a love for behind the scenes and storytelling. So filmmaking seems to be my ultimate destiny in the entertainment business.

B & M: Describe the moment when you decided you wanted to do this movie?

I pay attention to politics, well as much as I can handle. So, when the narrative of making decisions for a woman and her body started it was apparent that those trying to make those decisions didn’t understand all of the circumstances that causes a woman to have to make such a difficult decision in regards to abortion. So, I decided to write a short story that describes one of the many situations that could possibly happen.

B & M: What inspired you to tell this story?

I was inspired to tell this story due to experiencing extreme ups and downs in relationships and the possible outcomes they may have. Grouping that with today’s society of women struggling to be heard on issues that affect their very future came the story of [the character] Jamie. As a woman, we are natural nurturers and we go looking for someone to grow with, whom we can support their dreams. Just someone to love. But sometimes things beyond a woman’s control can change her life tremendously. Although this film is fictional, the content can very well be relatable to a lot of women.

B & M : What do you want movie-goers to experience while watching your film?

I want movie-goers to take away from the film that making decisions for others may not be in that person’s best interest and not all situations are alike.

B & M: What was your biggest challenge in creating the film?

My biggest challenge in creating this film was time. Due to it being a student film I had deadlines to meet. I only had two days to shoot this film with four different locations. So, the stress level was pretty high.

B & M: What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow their dreams?

The first thing I tell someone following their dreams is to never give up. We don’t know where the finish line can be, a day away or years away. Also, read up on things you don’t know about in the field you are dreaming of. All of the answers are a click away. So, research research research.


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